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Embarking on a Thrilling Team Project: The Zero-Percent Juice Adventure.

Working on the Worldline project was an exhilarating experience, ranking among the most captivating team endeavors I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. Taking on the role of graphic designer, I delved into a multitude of creative tasks, including crafting logos, designing graphics, designing the website, and even curating a game trailer.


What made this project truly exceptional was the extraordinary team behind it. A synergy of talented individuals, skilled artists, and innovative developers came together to bring the game to life. I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute my skills and perspective to this remarkable collective.


The Zero-Percent Juice venture stands as a testament to the power of collaborative teamwork and shared passion. It was an incredible journey, filled with camaraderie and an unwavering dedication to crafting an exceptional gaming experience. Being a part of such a talented team was a privilege, and I look back on this project with immense fondness and gratitude.


Worldine is a 2D action/puzzle platformer for the PC. Using VHS-inspired time manipulation, you can solve challenging puzzles and defeat otherworldy enemies capable of corrupting the fabric of reality. Inspiration for this sci-fi spin on time manipulation comes from Cave Story and Blinx the Time Sweeper.


Video, Design


Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Illustrator, Aseprite, HTML, CSS, Kickstarter


Zero Percent Juice


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