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Back to VR!

It’s been another month and what a month it has been! The Microsoft Store had a really good sale on their Mixed-Reality branded VR headsets midway through December 2017. I mean really good. $199 was the price for a headset with room-scale motion tracking. I had been waiting for a more affordable VR headset, or at least for the Oculus or …

Sourdough Bread Rolls

Bread-making and other November Updates.

It’s been about a month since my last blog post. It is amazing how quickly time passes when you’re  busy. November is such a fun month because it is the beginning of the holiday season. The stores are busy, families get together and everyone seems happier overall during these months. For Thanksgiving, we had all decided to make something special …

A Ghost Game

Just in time for Halloween, and my RPGMaker game is… not even close to being complete. Sadly, I got really sick a couple of weeks ago and am just now starting to feel better. I did get a good amount of work done though! I created several monster sprites and my main character(The little ghost pictured above). In addition to …

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RPG Maker Game Jam

I just found out that there is a game jam for RPGMaker! It’s at I’ve messed around with the old RPG maker in the past but haven’t tried out the newer one. I’m really excited to try to complete this! I have an idea already that I’m trying to work out. RPGMaker games are kind of easy to spot …

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Revisiting Augmented Reality

So with the recent release of iOS11, augmented reality is becoming really going to start to move into public awareness more and more. And that is awesome! All the apps are already starting to flood into the app store. There are just so many ways that you can use Augmented Reality in the real world, it’s really cool! It’ll probably …

Goodbye Little Dog

You never think the day will come when you’ve got to say goodbye to your best friend. For almost 15 years Buddy was at my side, always close and never far behind no matter where I went. As he began to take his final breaths clouds formed overhead and rain poured down in the middle of a hot day. I …

Website Upgrade

Hi and welcome back to If you happened to view this website on some date before this post(September 2017) then it looked very different. What I decided to do was recreate my custom coded website in WordPress. It is a lot more streamlined, a lot more alive and hopefully a lot more functional. I think I’ve squashed all the …

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Robot Lounge

So, of course, I decided to build a robot for one of my first major projects in 3D. Robots are awesome. I am definitely learning a lot…Such as 10 seconds of rendering in 3D takes about 15 hours in real life. That doesn’t even include all the post-production. I’m pretty happy with the final result though.

3D Circles

Learning Cinema4D

I watched about 10 hours of tutorials for Cinema4D on and Youtube, I still don’t think I know what I’m doing. It is fun though! I’ve been messing around with a bunch of random ideas and tutorials. I’ve never really worked in 3D before but this is awesome! How cool do these circles look?!

Ghibli Museum Robot

Trip to Tokyo, Japan!

Where have I been the past week? Actually, it’s been a lot longer since I’ve written here. However, the answer is in Tokyo, Japan! Me and my super awesome girlfriend decided now that we are done with school let’s go on a super amazing trip to celebrate. We were pretty nervous at first, it was our first time out of …