Gottfrid's Adventure

A game where you run and jump...

Gottfrid’s Adventure: A Quirky Mobile Game Journey.

During one of my captivating multimedia classes, the fascinating realm of mobile game development caught my attention. It was during this period that I embarked on creating “Gottfrid’s Adventure.” Imbued with creativity, I embarked on a character design endeavor, breathing life into a charming cast that would inhabit a whimsical and straightforward world.


In this peculiar mobile game, players would assume the role of Gottfrid, tasked with a unique objective: riding a cow as far as possible while diligently collecting missing socks. However, Gottfrid must navigate the challenges of avoiding the dastardly clog shoes and irate milk cartons that seek to impede his progress. Ah, the quirks of college life certainly sparked unconventional inspiration!


“Gottfrid’s Adventure” encapsulates the spirit of my multimedia journey, merging design, creativity, and the pursuit of unconventional fun. With its endearing characters and captivating gameplay, the game stands as a testament to my exploration of mobile game development during those extraordinary college days.


A mobile game where you run and jump!


App Design, Illustration, Game Design


App Design, Illustrator




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