Doge Crypto Balance App

An app to check your Dogecoin wallet

Bridging the Gap with External Sources and Emerging Technologies.

In my journey of app development, after creating my first app, Remember Me With a Tree, I eagerly delved into the realm of utilizing external sources and APIs to build a fully functional web app. It was a pivotal moment for me to expand my skills and embrace the potential of connecting with external data.


During this period, Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency associated with a sense of playfulness, was still relatively unknown. Checking one’s Dogecoin balance was a cumbersome task with limited user-friendly options available. This led me to develop Dogecoin Balance, a purposeful app that harnessed multiple sources and APIs to provide a seamless experience for Dogecoin wallet holders.


The app’s usability was straightforward: users could effortlessly enter their public wallet address manually or leverage the then-underutilized QR code scanning feature. By pressing the “Find My Doge” button, the app would instantly retrieve their balance. As an added convenience, users could select a conversion rate to see the real-time value of Dogecoin in their native currency, adding an extra layer of usefulness.

Pushing the boundaries further, I integrated the app with emerging technologies of the time. I crafted both a Virtual Reality Mode and an Augmented Reality Mode, aligning Dogecoin Balance with the evolving landscape of immersive experiences.


Dogecoin Balance became a testament to my growth as a developer, incorporating external sources and seamlessly merging technologies to create a valuable tool for Dogecoin enthusiasts.


A Web-App for checking your Dogecoin balance.


App Design, Web, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, Illustrator


App Design, Web, HTML, CSS, VueJS




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