Remember Me with a tree

A Prototype Web-App for Virtual Tree Planting

My first foray into programming.

During my post-college years, I embarked on an ambitious project to develop a prototype web-app using custom-built PHP and a SQL database. Although the app is no longer functional, I am proud to present the screenshots captured from the live version.

The concept behind this app was to provide users with the opportunity to create an account and plant a virtual tree as a heartfelt tribute to someone they dearly miss. Over time, the tree would grow from a humble seedling to a majestic, full-grown representation of their cherished memories. This project was not only a meaningful endeavor but also marked my initial foray into PHP and programming as a whole.

While the app’s mechanics were relatively straightforward, its underlying purpose resonated deeply with users. It served as a testament to the power of technology in nurturing our emotional connections and preserving precious memories. Though the prototype web-app may no longer be functional, its legacy lives on as a significant milestone in my journey of PHP development and programming exploration.

Phone Screen with app mockup
Phone Screen with app mockup
Phone Screen with app mockup

A Prototype Web-App for Virtual Tree Planting‚Äč


Web, App, Design, Programming


App Design, Web, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, Illustrator




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