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Aerial Surveying Website Revamp

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Elevating the Skies: Redefining Montico, Inc.’s Online Presence.

Embarking on my first freelance gig after graduating, I had the privilege of working on a project that holds a cherished spot in my heart. Montico, Inc., a captivating aerial surveying company, approached me with an exciting proposition—to revamp their website and propel it towards a cutting-edge future. It was an invigorating opportunity to showcase my skills and deliver a transformative online experience for their audience.


The vision for the website redesign was clear: a tactical and modern aesthetic, complemented by a distinctive left-hand menu. Embracing the challenge, I harnessed the power of WordPress to create a dynamic and fully customized website for Montico, Inc. This marked a significant milestone in my career, as it was one of the first instances where I crafted and tailored a WordPress site to meet the unique needs and aspirations of a valued client.


Every step of the journey was filled with excitement and determination, as I poured my creativity and expertise into shaping Montico, Inc.’s online presence. The result was a visually striking website that not only embodied the tactical essence of the company but also showcased their commitment to innovation and excellence. This project remains a cherished milestone, as it signified my growth as a freelance web designer and the beginning of an exciting professional journey in the digital realm.


Rebranding a website for an aerial surveying business.


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Montico, Inc.


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