Bears Love to party

And eat potatoes sometimes too

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A mockup of the Bears love to Party website on a computer and phone screen
Bears Love Potatoes App Mockup

Bears Love to Party: A Fusion of Printed Greeting Cards and Digital Delight.

Bears Love to Party (formerly known as Bears Love Potatoes) was an innovative online store that revolutionized the concept of printed greeting cards. The store aimed to create a delightful fusion of traditional and digital elements, captivating recipients with an interactive experience. Each greeting card was adorned with a unique QR code that, when scanned, transported the viewer into an animated world of wonder, brought to life through videos or augmented reality. Although it may have been ahead of its time, this project exuded charm and excitement throughout its development.


The overarching goal was to infuse the style of the cards with a sense of cuteness and light-heartedness. Originally conceived as a combined app and web storefront, the project evolved into a captivating landing page. While the accompanying app was not realized, the landing page itself became a testament to creativity and joy, showcasing the essence of Bears Love to Party.


This project was a delightful adventure, merging the tangible beauty of printed cards with the boundless possibilities of digital innovation. Bears Love to Party was a true testament to pushing boundaries, offering recipients an enchanting experience that blurred the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.


A website and app concept for a greeting card brand.


App Design, Web, Illustration, Video


App Design, Web, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere




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