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A 15-Year Odyssey.

Crafting my website and personal brand has been an ever-evolving quest to discover my authentic voice, a journey that, to this day, continues to shape my identity. For nearly 15 years, my website has served as the public reflection of my creative spirit and individuality.

My venture into web design commenced during my early years as a student, a small child captivated by the possibilities of the digital realm. Armed with a book on website development acquired from a 90s-era book fair, I embarked on an exhilarating exploration of HTML and images. This era, devoid of CSS and Javascript, presented a thrilling challenge that ignited my passion for crafting online experiences.


Though my initial website never graced the online world, it laid the foundation for my journey into high school web design and, eventually, the launch of in 2008. Over the years, my personal website has undergone numerous transformations, serving as my creative laboratory, a playground for pushing boundaries and honing my technical expertise. The pinnacle of this journey arrived in 2018, with the creation of a website that remains my proudest achievement to date. While it has since retired, the 2018 design remains a testament to my unwavering commitment to innovation and artistic expression.


In tandem with the website, my logo has undergone multiple evolutions, each representing a chapter in my professional growth. Initially, a grunge-style font emblazoned with my name exuded a cool, rebellious charm of the time. As I delved deeper into the realms of design education, my logo morphed into a silhouette, featuring my distinctive glasses—a symbol of my personal journey and self-acceptance. While styles have changed, my affinity for glasses remains an enduring hallmark of my brand, serving as a testament to embracing one’s unique identity.


Together, my website and logo embody an ever-evolving narrative, a visual chronicle of my creative odyssey, and a celebration of the distinctiveness that defines me.


My personal brand has evolved significantly through the years. From my very first website back in High School to the very site you’re on right now.


Print, Design, Web, Video, Illustration


Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, 


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