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Elevating Excellence in the Grape and Wine Industry

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Elevating Excellence in the Grape and Wine Industry.

Grape & Wine Magazine stands as a distinguished bi-monthly publication specifically tailored for the esteemed grape and wine industry in California. With a laser focus on delivering insightful content from industry insiders and professionals, this publication sets the stage for an unparalleled reading experience. Just like its esteemed sister publications, West Coast Nut and Progressive Crop Consultant, Grape & Wine Magazine boasts a stellar team of editors, writers, and designers who consistently uphold the standards of professionalism and excellence.


What made this project particularly thrilling for me was the opportunity to design Grape & Wine Magazine from the ground up. While inheriting the design legacies of West Coast Nut and Progressive Crop Consultant, Grape & Wine emerged as a completely fresh and innovative endeavor. Every aspect of the magazine, from its visual identity, embodied by the meticulously crafted logo, to its elegant website, radiated excellence and sophistication. The website, serving as a template for its sister publications, forged a seamless brand unity that elevated the overall experience for readers.


Grape & Wine Magazine is a new bi-monthly publication that is targeted to the grape and wine industry.


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