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Virtual Reality and the Future of the Internet

VRPortfolioMy senior portfolio show went super well! I talked to a bunch of professionals that came to see us. My main attraction at my booth was what I called the future of internet, Virtual Reality!

A few months back I came across this brand new Javascript library called A-frame. It allows you to create virtual reality experiences using just HTML. I can only describe it as awesome and revolutionary! You can literally upload your virtual reality project onto a website and have the full experience on any phone with the mobile browser. No need for special pre-built apps. Completely cross-platform and seems pretty stable.

So I decided, being in the interactive multimedia focus of our graduating class, that I would show off what the future of the internet and design might look like. So in addition to my portfolio website, I built an interactive virtual reality experience that could be viewed on anyone’s smartphone(And even on desktop)! So I had a bunch of google cardboards built and stamped with my logo ready to hand out to the awesome folks attending. People seemed really enthusiastic and excited about seeing Virtual Reality. Most for the first time! It was an awesome experience. You can even check it out by clicking right here.

Virtual reality is already starting to take off, it’s going to become huge in the next few years. I was lucky enough to get an early Oculus DK1 and experience virtual reality for the first time. I knew right then that this was going to be a big thing in the near future. It’s so exciting right now because it is uncharted territory. There are no rules for design or how things should work. It’s all trial and error. It is kind of like the early internet. Okay, I better stop before I ramble on for the next five hours.

The point is, VR is the future and undoubtedly so is AR. We are soon going to be interacting with our designs in ways we never thought about before. The future is awesome!

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