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Revisiting Augmented Reality

So with the recent release of iOS11, augmented reality is becoming really going to start to move into public awareness more and more. And that is awesome! All the apps are already starting to flood into the app store. There are just so many ways that you can use Augmented Reality in the real world, it’s really cool! It’ll probably be a few years away still until we are all wearing Holo-lens like devices and seeing augmented reality everywhere but why not start preparing now?

I previously attempted Augmented Reality with my business card and this javascript library called Argon.JS, which is amazing in itself. It allows you to create augmented reality experiences in the web browser using HTML. That is just mindblowing! It’s just like what Aframe did for Virtual Reality in the browser. The only downfall is that you have to have the argon app installed on your phone to view the AR websites you create. Maybe in the future, we will be able to use any mobile browser! It is still pretty amazing.

I’m rambling now but the new VR and AR get me really excited for the future! The point of this post was to say I am instead trying to learn how to build a native app that will do Augmented Reality. I’m trying to learn a bit about the Unity game engine since it works with both Android and iOS. I’m trying to build an app in unity that interacts with my various business materials. For example, holding the camera over my resume might make my demo reel video pop up and play, or maybe my 3D avatar will climb out of my business card and wave.

It actually kind of works, can you believe it?

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