The battle within

An animated short about the battle within someone while they are in grief.

An Animated Tribute to My Late Grandmother.

This project holds a special place in my heart as it was created shortly after my grandmother’s passing. As someone who was very close to her, her loss was deeply painful. When given the opportunity to animate my own story for class, I poured all of my emotions and creativity into creating a meaningful tribute to her memory.

The story follows a character who is lost in a dark world, haunted by a monster and consumed by grief. Just when he feels like giving up, he is rescued by his family. I storyboarded the plot and then used Adobe Illustrator to create the characters and scenery, keeping everything simple due to a tight deadline of just two weeks. Finally, I brought my artwork into Adobe Flash (Animate) to animate it and scored it with an original piano composition. Through this project, I found a cathartic outlet for my grief and created a heartfelt tribute to my beloved grandmother.

Fun fact: In addition to the music I also created all of the sound effects! The rain is a faucet running and the thunder you hear is me shaking a bowl of marbles next to a microphone.


A 2D animated short, created with Flash/Animate and Illustrator.


Illustration, Video, Animation, Music


Adobe Animate/Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Illustration, Piano


Professional-Development, College Project


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