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Revitalizing a Website and Print Advertisements

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Revitalizing an Established Website for Modern Audiences and Designing Eyecatching Advertisements.

Embarking on the revitalization of a venerable website presented a captivating and gratifying endeavor. Faced with the task of seamlessly migrating a wealth of well-established content from yesteryears, the challenge lay in infusing the design with renewed vitality to meet the discerning expectations of today’s users.


With a meticulous approach, the transformation commenced by meticulously reformatting the existing content, meticulously orchestrating a harmonious transition to a contemporary and visually captivating design. Leveraging my comprehensive skill set in web development and design, I deftly integrated custom functionalities into the website’s theme, meticulously tailored to showcase the distinctive requirements of their esteemed range of products.


Additionally, I had the privilege of expanding my creative horizons by designing captivating print advertisements for the company. From concept to completion, each advertisement was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the essence of the brand was effectively conveyed to captivate the target audience in the tangible realm as well.


Updating an established brand with a refreshed web presence as well as designing powerful advertisements.


Web, Design, Branding, Illustration


HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator


Soil and Crop, JCS Marketing, Inc.


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