Vue Mobile App

My first project of 2018! I decided to go all out and create a useful web application for checking your Dogecoin balance.


Make a simple mobile application to check my balance.  Also,  I want to see it in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Simple and as uncluttered as possible. QR code scanner. Real-time currency conversion. Ability to save your address so you don’t have to enter it again.  All in the mobile browser, NO DOWNLOADS. Learn to use a modern framework like Vue or React.


 I ended up using Vue2 after testing both frameworks. It was my first time diving

into something like that but it was fun! The app has the ability to lookup any balance on the blockchain just by entering the address. Because the address is so long a QR code scanner was implemented into the search bar. The app uses the API of two different websites to gather it’s  JSON information(The balance, the QR code, and Exchange rates).  After entering your address the balance comes up. You can then tap the top bar to view exchange rate information. Either select from the list or enter your own currency. It will not only give you the 1 to 1  conversion but will also show an estimate of what your balance converts to. You can also see your QR code for your address by tapping the coin. It will even save the last three addresses you entered in localStorage variables so you don’t have to enter them next time you visit. You can see them by tapping the address. Using Aframe I was able to implement all of this information into a Virtual Reality scene that will be brought up when pressing the VR button. In addition to that, I used the AR.js library to implement an Augmented Reality version of the information that works natively on desktop and mobile browsers using WebRTC! That means no third party downloads are needed at all to use this!

You can check out a live version here and the GitHub source code here.

Augmented Reality Doge