Remember Me With a Tree App

Remember Me With A Tree


Plant a virtual tree in memory of someone.


You enter the information for someone who had passed away, then a virtual seed for them will be planted and grow over time. You can come back and check on it in the future to see your memory is still there.


After my grandmother had passed away, her memory was always on my mind. I thought of this simple idea and decided to learn how I could implement it. I ended up learning a lot about PHP and mySQL databases to make the concept come to life. The simplified version was to save the name of the person and the date the tree was planted. This information was used to create a dynamic page that could change based on the ID entered. On the page was a small illustrated seed. The app would query the database whenever it was accessed to find out how long ago that seed was planted. Then the image would change depending on how long it had been. It all worked really well!

Sadly the project is no longer live. After a server transfer, the database was lost. Though you can still view the raw PHP on Github!