Sourdough Bread Rolls

Bread-making and other November Updates.

Sourdough Starter in Mason Jar.

It’s been about a month since my last blog post. It is amazing how quickly time passes when you’re  busy. November is such a fun month because it is the beginning of the holiday season. The stores are busy, families get together and everyone seems happier overall during these months.

For Thanksgiving, we had all decided to make something special for our dinner. I thought It would be a fun idea to make some sourdough bread for the family. Throughout the first week of November, I carefully studied recipes and video tutorials all over the web to learn how to make a sourdough starter. It ended up being quite a long task. I have quite a new respect for breadmakers around the world now.

The sourdough starter is made with water and flour. Nothing else. You feed it more flour and water daily in hopes of cultivating yeast as the starter ferments in the jar. It took mine about three weeks before it actually started to look alive. It was really a looooooooong task. But eventually it worked and I was making bread! I burnt myself out on sourdough sandwiches but they were pretty good.

However, now I have this thing living in my fridge that must be fed once a week.

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