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Back to VR!

It’s been another month and what a month it has been! The Microsoft Store had a really good sale on their Mixed-Reality branded VR headsets midway through December 2017. I mean really good. $199 was the price for a headset with room-scale motion tracking. I had been waiting for a more affordable VR headset, or at least for the Oculus or Vive to come down a bit. The Oculus is still $399 and the Vive $599 at the time of this post. So $199 for a headset that has a better resolution and built-in motion-tracking right on the headset(No need to set up base stations). This is truly where the future of VR needs to be heading toward. It also runs right out of the box in Windows 10. I plugged it in and it was ready to go!

You do sacrifice some of the accuracy in the tracking by not having an external system watching you but it more than makes up for it with its portability and ease of use. I ended up getting the Lenovo-Explorer version. I was blown away after jumping into a few games and playing around for the first time in true VR. Up until now I had only ever used the Oculus DK1 and Google Cardboard. So to have full room-scale abilities was surreal! It also works well with most SteamVR games so that opens up a huge library of content already available.

If you’re looking for a really good value starter headset, I recommend Windows Mixed Reality! It may not be at quite the gaming levels as its competitors but that could change in the near future! In addition to a lot of gaming, I also tried watching some movies on Netflix as well as doing some coding on the virtual desktop. Netflix was a fun experience but coding was a bit straining on the eyes. However, once the resolution of these things is bumped up and the bugs worked out, I could see VR headsets easily replacing monitors in workspaces.

Well that is my December update! We are now heading toward 2018 and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!

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