What is VRWeb?

VRWeb, WebVR, Virtual Reality Websites are many different terms for the future of web design!

Oculus Rift Man Gaping
Courtesy of Oculus.com

When we visit a website we are looking at it on a flat screen. Despite tricking our eyes with gradients and shadows, it will always be a flat box trapped in our monitor. In virtual reality the box is no longer constrained to the monitor. It is free to move anywhere it wants. With VRweb we can do more than just have a floating box however. We can take the content off the page and bring it into 3D space. Why read about and look at a picture of the Statue of Liberty when you can fly around it, reading tool-tip style popups that give you information.

It is a whole new way of experiencing information on the internet. It lets you jump into the content rather than just looking at it. VRWeb is something that has just recently started to come into fruition. Though the concepts and ideas for it have been around for probably as long as the internet. But with the recent boom in popularity thanks to things like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard, VR has begun making its way into mainstream culture. So new technologies and ideas are popping up and finally coming to life!

One in particular I’m really excited about and have been learning is A-Frame. It’s so exciting because of it’s ease of use and it’s ability to work effortlessly in modern smartphones. This allows anyone with a smartphone to potentially jump into a VR world. This opens so many new possibilities for what will be possible on the future of the internet. Designers, artists of all types are going to have to start thinking in entirely new dimensions. Right now there are no right answers to anything, everything is new and for the taking!