What is VR?

Oculus Rift Front
Courtesy of Oculus.com

Virtual Reality is an immersive technology that allows the user to look into an all digital world a full 360°

HTC Vive Picture
Courtesy of htcvive.com

What this means is that when you put on a VR headset you can digitally go into any part of the universe you want. Real worlds, fantasy worlds, ancient worlds, futuristic worlds and wherever else you can imagine is possible in VR.

It has a huge potential in educational fields. A student could potentially shrink down to the size of a cell, jump back in time and see an ancient world or so many other possibilities. Social applications are also something upcoming in the future, you could feel like you’re in the same room as friends from all over the world. You can tour cities, museums and space all from your sofa.

Then there is VRWeb, the ability to jump into a VR scene from your mobile phone. Immerse yourself in the content of the internet in full 3D.

The possibilities are endless!