Star Crossed

    Star Crossed

    Building a memorable experience for content

    An example of how a simple concept can generate a powerful feeling.

    The story behind this?

    The concept behind this small interactive experience is to promote a space based RPG. The overall feeling and tone was made specifically to match the soft tone of the story.

    How did you come up with it?

    I had an idea about a dark field being lit up by fireflies. The fireflies would fly into the sky and become part of the stars. So with that idea I started working on bringing it to life.

    All the artwork was rendered in Photoshop and the music is my own composition.

    360 Image Upload App

      360 Image Upload App

      Uploading a 360 image and viewing it right away.

      A prototype/proof of concept web application I made to upload 360 images and view them. It should be able to work with videos as well but my server doesn\'t have the resources to support that at the moment. It\'s running with A-frame so it should be able to show images in VR using Google cardboard or Oculus Rift.

      It is not the prettiest of uploaders but the main test was in functionality. Being able to upload an image using PHP and generating a 360 page based on it.

      VR Portfolio Website

      VR Portfolio Website

      A first look at what the VR web might look like.

      This website was built as a graphic design portfolio and an introduction to virtual reality websites for a public art show.

      The overall goal for this particular site was to ease people in with familiar web aesthetics and get them to look around without feeling too disoriented. It was built with the idea of a completely hands free way of interacting with it. It was made primarily using images and subtle effects to improve the interactivity.

      Overall the experience of building this was a fun and eye opening venture that set me up to want to pursue VR websites as a new medium for web design.

      This site was built using A-Frame 0.1.0 and a lot of customized JavaScript.

      Pictures don\'t do it justice, click the View More link to go directly to the site.The VR button in the corner will allow you to enter VR mode if you are on a smartphone or VR compatible browser. You can also use your mouse to click and change your view.