About Us

Who are you?

First and foremost I’m a web designer, artist and developer who is extremely interested with VR’s future in web design. I initially got into the VR craze when the Oculus DK1 came out and have been interested ever since. In January 2016 I discovered A-Frame. which is a VR framework built just for the web. After placing my first cube into 3D space, putting my phone into my Cardboard and stepping into this new plane I realized this was where the future was going.

VR is something I really believe in and that’s why I created this website. I wanted to get my foot into the door and say “Hey this is something I believe in!” Which I just did twice…But that’s how much I believe in it!

What do you hope to accomplish with this site?

Design. I’m a graphic designer and want to help bring those skills and ideas to the world of Virtual Reality on the web. Because virtual reality is such a new medium, I find it exciting that there are no set rules yet. Anything goes! This website was also created so I can showcase what I can do with Virtual Reality on the web and work with businesses/organizations whom would like to get into VR.

I also want to promote Virtual Reality web design. I believe it is a new field that is going to become a huge part of our lives in the near future. I want to be part of that major stepping stone into the future and help show people what VR on the web can become!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or inquiries please contact me at info@vrweb.io or through my contact form.