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VR Web | The Future of Web Design

How Virtual Reality will Change the Internet.VRWeb Icon Large

VR Web (Virtual Reality Web) and it’s counterpart AR Web (Augmented Reality Web) will be major stepping-stones in the near future of the internet. VRWeb.IO is here to help start the design revolution. Are you ready for it to begin?

Web design has already went through massive changes over the past decade. The widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets led us to mobile sites, responsive sites, more standardization, easier to use features and a lot more.

VR is the next revolution in web design. Consumer versions of VR headsets, such as the Oclulus Rift, HTC Vive, or the kit from OSVR are all for sale this year. As well as the easily affordable Google Cardboard, VR has never been more accessible to the public. Anyone with a smartphone and a piece of cardboard can jump into the world of Virtual Reality.

VR is still a growing medium that has mainly focused on gaming so far. However the potential it has in other areas are immense. Virtual tourism, educational experiences, social interaction across continents! The possibilities are endless!

With the help of amazing new JavaScript libraries like A-Frame, launching a VR website has never been easier. What makes it so incredibly exciting is that it will work on just about any smartphone as well as desktop. Meaning anyone with a smartphone can potentially start using VR to see the web in a whole new light.

This makes the future seem so exciting and bright for the future of designers everywhere. VR is a whole new platform to develop on and because it is so new, there really are no rules on what you can or cannot do. It is a completely open field where we can grow and learn together what will make VRWeb awesome.

As if VR by itself wasn’t awesome already.